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Mobile Application Able to Eliminate Traffic Accidents
with Medical Origin

TCR App Company

Introducing TCR App

TCR App Mobility is proudly classified among leading MedTech/DeepTech startups from Poland and Central Europe. We have developed an innovative, research-based and scientifically-proven mobile application (Android and iOS) able to save lives of its users by allowing them to avoid traffic accidents attributed to tiredness, drowsiness, inattention and accompanying medical conditions while driving a vehicle. As they are directly responsible for over 25% of all road crashes worldwide per year, it must be considered as a tremendous improvement of international safety standards, with the most substantial impact on developing countries, historically marginalized communities and people from lower income classes around the planet.

We are adopting machine learning, artificial intelligence and mathematical modelling in order to scrutinize driver’s subconscious behavioural patterns manifested both outside of the vehicle and during a journey (through monitoring of multiple health/perception-related parameters via embedded sensors of a smartphone). By discovering unique trends, uncovering involuntary reactions and examining aware cognitive processes, we can create user's individual profile of susceptibility to inattention under diverse travel circumstances; and thus to accomplish unattainable otherwise standards of accident avoidance (94% effectiveness). Subsequently, this model is used to estimate the probability of abrupt attention falls in the near future. Our mobile application is therefore able to provide its users in advance with personalized sound alerts, hence: [1] directly impacting their brains and consciousnesses; [2] effectively disrupting the natural process of losing attention whenever dangerous tendency is identified; and [3] guaranteeing the sufficient level of vigilance at any given moment.

The Challenge

Drowsiness, tiredness, inattention and accompanying medical conditions are directly responsible for over 25% of all road crashes worldwide annually, what ensues injuries to 5 million people: out of whom 275 thousand cannot be rescued. When comparing to other medical disorders, they are considered as the greatest health danger to children and young adults. Statistics provided by WHO reveal that the majority of aforementioned traffic accidents occur in lower-income regions, hence posing the disproportionate risk to those with more limited financial abilities.

Worldwide economy disburses the colossal sum of €500 billion per year for dealing with disastrous consequences of various forms of drowsy driving. Nonetheless, abrupt attention falls have to be attributed to human physiological traits, and thus cannot be avoided without scientifically-proven help (eye/lane-tracking cameras or self-control are completely ineffective). Within the next three decades, about 2 billion people will be affected by these formidable challenges in numerous ways and scopes.

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Our startup offers multiple cooperation opportunities for corporate partners from automotive, mobility, healthcare, insurance and safety industries. No other provider deploys similar standards of personalization nor addresses identical threats. Our fundamental intention is to bring TCR App to developing countries, unprivileged communities, lower income classes and rural/remote areas - thus reducing social inequalities and contributing to the more equitable future of those who typically cannot afford to cover private insurance nor healthcare.


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