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Business Strategy

After trailblazing scientific research, obtaining over €200K in grants and prizes, successful pilots/consultations with esteemed partners (e.g. from US, UK, Switzerland, Spain, Estonia, Poland, Africa) and participation in distinguished accelerations/business development programs (in Poland, Germany, Romania, Slovenia, Portugal), TCR App has secured both necessary scaling resources

and the clear growth roadmap.

Business Perspective

Our venture is thrivingly building its user base in Central Europe (2023/2024). Since we have recently deployed a hardware version of our solution, we are preparing to confirm its efficiency on African roads in cooperation with local transport companies (2024). It is a first phase of TCR App’s mission to reduce inequalities in access to state-of-the-art accident prevention systems in particular - and to modern healthcare in general. Afterwards, we intend to deliver our products/services to B2B user communities in India (2024/2025) and Brazil (2025/2026), consequently entering the most promising markets in terms of early adopters.

Scaling to East Asia is on the top of our business priorities (2nd part of 2024, 2025). We are both actively fundraising and establishing future partnerships in order to introduce offered technology to representatives of Asian mobility, healthcare and transport industries.

Current financial prognosis encompasses the entire spectrum of TCR App’s income (B2C, B2B, B2G) and is based on justified assumptions formulated after detailed feasibility and market examinations. We project to accomplish ARR of €775k in 2025 and of €2M in 2026.

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